Why My Chiropractor is So Important

When I was younger, my parents were one of the few people I knew who saw a chiropractor on a regular basis. They still see one, and I have followed their trend in doing so. While it is a lot more popular now, I do it because I have seen how my parents have taken care of their health and their bodies over the last 30 years. Going to a San Jose chiropractor has really helped them with various issues, and they are healthier than most people their age. I attribute a lot of that to the careful decisions they have made over the years.

I made my first appointment when I was in high school because I played a lot of sports. I never got hurt, but I did feel the strain that it put on my body from time to time. The chiropractor was able to do manipulations on my back that really helped me stay on top of my game. The massages that I got also helped me a good bit too. I really appreciated the treatments that I got then, but I did not truly appreciate what all a chiropractor can do until I became pregnant with my first child.

I went to the chiropractor regularly throughout my pregnancy, and I did not experience any of the painful issues that a lot of first time mothers complained about before they gave birth. I was able to maintain a healthy weight, and I had no back pain at all, even with the added pounds I was carrying. The delivery was actually very easy too, which I have heard a lot of women who see chiropractors say as well. I have three children now, and I have never felt better. I see my chiropractor at least once a month, and I plan on doing so for the rest of my life!