The Dangers of Homeopathic Therapy

Injuries can happen any time. Accidents are an integral part of this life. We grow up bumping, stumbling and colliding into things until we’re wearing bruises, scabs and scars as comfortably as we wear our clothes. It’s that preparation as we grow up that helps us avoid them when we’re older which is why it seems that the injuries we do suffer from are even worse than those that we had when we were younger. Last year I fell right off a ladder that I was using while working. I arrived at the San Jose accident injury chiropractor – the last place I thought that I would ever end up at. I’ve been against alternative medicine for some time now; ever since it became popular in the early 2000s only to suddenly crash in the past couple of years with the anti-vaccinators. At the time I thought I was justified in believing them to be on the same level as the New Age and homeopathic therapies.

They’re not all like that, I now know. I understand that I was ignorant in my belief. I should have been more open minded instead of merely lumping every ‘alternative medicine’ in the same boat as homeopathic therapies. It was only with his help and the combination of electric nervous system stimulation along with massage therapy that I was able to overcome the damage that I had suffered during the fall. A cracked disk is one of the more painful injuries you can suffer but luckily he was able to give me exactly what I needed. Combining his therapy along with the physical therapy that my doctor had put me on cut down the physical therapy time that they had predicted. Months became weeks and while I still have twinges of pain, I can actually work again which is a huge relief.