No More Daily Pain for Mom

My mom was involved in an accident several years ago. She did receive treatment for her injuries, but she never fully recovered from them. We thought that it was just something that she was going to have to live with the rest of her life, and that made my brothers and I very upset. Mom took it in great stride though, and she rarely complained about how she was feeling. I was talking with a friend about it after Mom had a bad day, and she told me that Mom should see her chiropractor in Bakersfield CA.

She had already been to two different doctors, and they had both told her that physical therapy was the answer. Well, it turned out that while it did help, it was not the answer that we had been seeking for her pain relief. I went online and looked at the website of the chiropractor that my friend had referred, and I learned a good bit about what they offer. I had always assumed that a chiropractor was someone who helps people who have aches and pains in their backs and necks, but it turns out that they are so much more than that.

I never really considered this kind of doctor, but it turns out that it was exactly the kind that we needed. Even though the damage had been done years ago, the chiropractor was still able to devise a treatment plan that consisted of massage, manipulations and adjustments, and exercises that she was to do at home on a daily basis. She goes once a week, and she is very faithful with the work she is to do at home on her own. The difference in her is nothing short of amazing, and we are all just glad that she no longer has such pain on a daily basis.